Rabeca.org: About

This site aims to collect, preserve and disseminate information on the Brazilian and Portuguese rabeca and Guarani rawé (ravé, rabé, rabel). It functions as an active database that accepts submissions from musicians and researchers and automatically makes these entries available on an interactive map. The map has audio recordings, photos, texts and videos and offers an opportunity to explore these fascinating instruments with a regional focus. The map makes it possible to observer patterns in the compositions, performances and playing techniques.

To view and listen to the archived material, click on the icons on the map or browse using the text index. To zoom: a) use the tool to the left of the map b) double-click on the map c) shift-click and drag. To change the map, click on the "+" sign on the upper right hand corner.

If you have recordings, texts or Youtube or Vimeo videos to contribute to this project or would like more information, please get in contact.

Projeto by Iain Mott, Departamento de Artes Cênicas, Instituto de Artes, Universidade de Brasília: Escuta.org | Acknowledgements


The following people and groups are gratefully acknowledged for their contribution to the conception, development or content of this site:

Departamento de Artes Cênicas, UnB (Instituto de Artes)
Departamento de Música, UnB (Instituto de Artes)
eScholarship Research Centre, University of Melbourne (OHRM)
Francisco Sousa (Ceará das Rabecas)
Gilmar de Carvalho (Ceará das Rabecas)
José Alberto Sardinha
José Moças (Tradisom Produções Culturais)
Kilza Setti (Acervo Memória Caiçara)
Maria Emiliana Silva (Departamento de Comunicação e Arte, Universidade de Aveiro)
Mikel Maron (Brainoff.com)
Museu Nacional de Etnologia (Portugal)
Jason Rothe (Jasonrothe.photoshelter.com )
Roderick Santos (Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Norte)
Rosemberg Cariry (Cariri Filmes)
The Australian Sound Design Project
Tiago Pereira (A Música Portuguesa a Gostar dela Própria)